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Core classes

Our fundamental core classes are a perfect fit for those who wish to start or enhance their photographic skills.

For first time owners of a mirrorless or D-SLR camera we suggest Camera Basics as your first class.

Dates, Times and online registration for classes are listed at JPI's Infocus Eventbrite Page. Otherwise contact the store directly at (941) 896-9921. You can also send an email to education@jpiphoto.com.

Beginner Photography Classes

Camera Basics

A guide through the basic menu & button controls, operations and workflow. Along with practical tips about your new interchangeable lens system (ILC). Topics include exposure, focusing, scene setting and shooting modes. Bring your camera for some hands-on training.

Class is limited to 6 students. Running time is 2 hours approximately.

Fee: $75 or FREE with your D-SLR or Mirrorless Camera purchase from JPI.


July 7th, Sat

Aug 4th, Sat


9:00 AM

9:00 AM

Fundamentals of Photography

This 4 part series is for anyone new to photography or becoming reacquainted with it. Each class covers an in-depth look at Composition, Shutter Control, Aperture Settings and Flash. Limited to 6 students. Each class runs about 90 minutes approximately and starts at 6 PM.

Elements of Composition - In this class we will discuss: Rule of Thirds, Geometry & Lines, Colors, Shapes, Patterns, Framing and more. Comming soon!

Aperture - We will begin with a classroom presentation that will explain how we can use aperture to control depth of field, or to control more or less light through the lens.

Shutter Speed - In this class, we will begin with a classroom presentation which will explain how shutter speed (or time value) can be used effectively.

Working with Flash - This class is a how-to for new flash users or those considering upgrading from the built-in flash. We will discuss the benefits and settings available on an external flash, also known as a speedlight.

Following Aperture, Shutter and Flash we will offer students a hands-on opportunity to test and experiment with their new skills in our studio. Students should bring an interchangeable lens camera with a charged battery and memory card and a way to take notes, if they wish.

If you feel weak on the topics: menu navigation, workflow, button controls, scene settings, shooting modes, auto focus choices you should consider taking Camera Basics before taking these classes.

Fee: $75 for each class. Classes start at 6:00 PM on Thursday


Elements of Comp.


Shutter Speed

Working with Flash




July 5th

July 12th






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