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digital adepts

So you have explored the fundamentals and are ready for further adventures. Our Intermediate classes and workshops will guide your photo experience to the next level.

Equipment - A D-SLR or Mirrorless system, a fully charged battery, memory card, pen & paper.

Strongly Suggest - An external flash, polarizing filters, and remote switches.

See class descriptions for additional equipment required. Dates, Times and online registration for classes are listed HERE. Otherwise contact the store directly via email @ education@jpiphoto.com or call (941) 896-9921 to register.

Each class duration may vary, somewhat, from the designated time - depending on group size, and group involvement. Classes have an active participation part and expects full interaction with each student.  The goal is for everyone to learn, create and enjoy.

Intermediate Photography Classes

The ABC's of photography

This 4-session workshop is ideal for anyone new to photography, or reintroducing themselves to photography. These are hands on with lots of great tutorials & projects to help you learn.  Each session emphasizes workflow, creative thinking and photography techniques.

Recommended equipment: D-SLR or Mirrorless camera and a tripod.  Lenses should range from wide angle to telephoto: ex Tamron’s 18-400mm or 28-300mm. Optional equipment: Macro lens, external flash, filters and remote trigger.

Optional: Please bring up to five prints 8x10 or larger of your current photography to share at each session. Pay particular attention to lighting your subject.  Please include the metadata of the image. Make the prints at JPI and save 10% off your entire print order.

Do not pay for prints online. Pay in store to receive the discount.

Limited to 6 students. Each session runs about 2.5 hours approximately.

  • Session I – Angles & Techniques - Your camera gear is an extension of your creativity. Learn how to apply photography techniques uniquely that you can use immediately with your camera gear.
  • Session II - Working with Light – Learning when to add or take away light.  Emphasis on portraiture with available light.
  • Session III - Depth of Field Reaction - Understanding Depth of Field and produce images with a creative blur.
  • Session IV - Blurring Action - Controlling the shutter is initially a problem to be solved.  Once you do it gives you a new tool to create emotionally charged images.

Fee: $290 for all 4 sessions or $85 individually. Each session and starts at 6:30 PM


Session I

Session II

Session III

Session IV


Aug. 29th

Sept. 5th

Sept. 12th

Sept. 19th

black & white photography

Explore the world of black & white photography. We live in a world of color. Still black & white images can sometime express more emotion. Topics include color conversion, RAW vs JPEG, software, equipment and photographic technique. All these topics are taken in consideration when creating black & white images.

Bring up to five prints 8x10 or larger of your work to share with the class. Pay particular attention to the light in your image. Please include the metadata of the image. Make the prints at JPI and save 10%. Do not pay online. Pay in store to receive the discount.

Limited to 10 students. Running time is 2 hours approximately. There will be some hands on with outside demonstration, depending on weather.

Fee: $75




2:30 PM



Macro Demonstration & Expedition*

Discover the world of Macro Photography.  Pick up the practical tips for incorporating a shallow depth-of-field into your images.  By playing with macro you can create images with an emotional impact.

Join JPI for a macro demonstration class with some outside hands on during, Saturday, Aug. 26th at 2:30 PM.  Outside demonstration is depending on weather.  Demonstration running time is 2.5 hours approximately. Then, take what you learned in the class and join us for a Myakka Macro Expedition the next day Sunday, Aug. 27th at 7:45 AM at Myakka State Park. *This a rain or shine expedition trip.  Expedition running time is 2 hours approximately. You can register for either one or you can register for both and save $19.

Equipment - You should have at least one or more of the following: macro lens, macro filters, reversing rings or lenses with macro like capabilities.

Macro Demonstration Fee - $75
Macro Expedition Fee* - $29 - Park fee not included.
Sign up for both and save $19! - Demo & Trip Fee: $85 - Park fee not included.

*The trip to Myakka State Park is rain or shine. Additional meeting details will be emailed 48 hours before the event.

Fee: $85 for both sessions. Limited to 10 students.


Aug. 26th

Aug. 27th


2:30 PM

7:45 AM

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